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ATOMM is a mobile 100% ready-made mini-house for life and business


What is ATOMM?

ATOMM is an Autonomous Tourist Habitable Mobile Module – a mini–house ready for life, which can be quickly installed anywhere. Effective thermal protection, low power consumption, optional autonomy.
Modern design, various models, convenient layouts, natural materials.
The materials used in its manufacture do not contain components harmful to humans. All materials are certified, including according to EU standards.

ATOMM has very little impact on the environment. Therefore, it can be installed anywhere – on the shore, in the forest, in the mountains, and in an autonomous version – even in protected areas.

Due to the use of energy efficiency class A+++ equipment and a powerful continuous heat-saving circuit, ATOMM heating requires 2 times less energy than an ordinary house.

ATOMM was developed by a group of specialists from a Russian company and is protected by Russian and European patents. Module design and its interior solutions


ATOMM Eco-system

ATOMM is a product that meets the modern trends
of “Reasonable consumption” and “Comfortable minimalism”


ATOMM – as a tool for the development of modern tourism infrastructure in any of the regions of the Russian Federation


ATOMM is a private technology initiative interested in cooperation with the “creative class”, craftsmen and innovative companies


ATOMM – as a technological solution for business with minimal environmental impact


ATOMM – as an effective and affordable investment tool for implementation


You no longer need to wait for your house to be designed, purchase dozens of different materials for it, there is no need to pay builders and monitor the quality of their work. ATOMM will be delivered to you completely ready. If you have a small flat area on the site, the installation of the ATOMM will take no more than 30 minutes.


The frame of the ATOMM modules is a spatial structure of a high degree of rigidity, which is assembled from parts made of glued wood and machined on a CNC machine with high precision. Finished parts made of glued beams are fastened together with steel embedded parts and special high-strength bolts. This design ensures maximum strength of the frame, allowing multiple movements of the ATOMM. Natural coniferous wood and steel parts ensure high environmental friendliness of the construction of ATOMM mobile homes.


ATOMM has everything for a comfortable and safe life. Comfortable furniture, modern household appliances and reliable engineering systems, the best plumbing and natural finishing materials. Our designers and architects have created an extremely comfortable living space where everything is thought out and there is nothing superfluous.

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