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Autonomous Tourist Habitable Mobile Module

Report on the channel “Russia Today”

The Russia Today film crew came to our #superatome. Thanks for the visit, we were very glad to talk!

Report on the Vesti channel

The issue of Vesti on Russia 1 about our #superatomm

Report on the Kazakhstan channel

A correspondent of the Kazakhstan TV channel visited us today! Now people in Kazakhstan will learn about our #superatomm! Thank you, it was cool and we are very glad to meet you!

A report on the NTV channel

On NTV in the program “Business Morning” there was a #report about our #superatomm. Thank you for the wonderful report!

Two for one and a half million, in any area

Today, a presentation of the country’s only autonomous tourist habitable mobile module (ATOMM) took place in the parking lot of the Korston GTRK in Kazan, the installation of which took only seven minutes here. The other day, the head of the republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, visited this “house for hippies”. According to Andrey Gavrilov, the chief…
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An autonomous residential module with all amenities was presented in Kazan

With KERAMA MARAZZI – at least to the end of the world! Kazan engineers presented a unique Russian development: an autonomous mobile travel module, in which there was even a place for a bathroom.SuperATOMM is a small house with an area of 19 square meters, equipped with a bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. There…
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Everything will fit: there are no hotel rooms left for the 2018 World Cup in Kazan, but there are “apartments” on the Vein and mobile homes

All Kazan hotels are booked for the duration of the World Cup matches in our city — from June 15 to July 7. Having decided to take advantage of the shortage, enterprising Kazan residents offer fans “apartments” at exorbitant prices. And at Korston, a house resembling a trailer was installed, under the high-tech name ATOMM…
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